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Close up of whitetail deer

Just by reading this information, you are helping to improve the deer situation in Howard County. Education is the best tool for understanding how to lessen deer/human conflicts in your life. By accepting that humans must learn to co-exist in close quarters with deer, and taking appropriate actions on your property or while driving your car, you can help reduce conflicts. Use the telephone numbers in this brochure to notify the appropriate officials so they can get a more accurate picture of problems and where they exist. More information and data will help officials to better track the results of deer management efforts. But the most important thing residents can do is to realize that there can be too much of a good thing when it comes to deer. Your support for the county’s deer management efforts can help ensure that we will live in harmony with the white-tailed deer and it will remain a cherished part of our county’s natural heritage.

Important Telephone Numbers:

  • Removal of road-killed deer:
    Howard Co. Animal Shelter 410-313-2780
  • Information on preventing deer damage to gardens, ornamental plantings, or agricultural crops:
    Nuisance Animal Information Line 877-463-6497 Howard Co. Cooperative Extension 410-313-2707
  • Information on applying for deer management permits:
    MD DNR – Wildlife Division 301-258-7308
  • Information on deer management on Howard Co. park land:
    Howard Co. Recreation & Parks 410-313-1675 or send e-mail to Phil Norman
  • Emergencies involving deer:
    Howard Co. Animal Control (M-F 8-4:30) 410-313-2780
    Howard County Police 911 410-313-2200
    MD DNR Wildlife Division (M-F 8-4:30) 301-258-7308
    MD DNR. After hours, call 410-461-0053.

Learn about White-Tailed Deer in Howard County, Maryland

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