About Us

SWMM provides a service to area property owners experiencing problems with the expanding whitetail deer herd. We deploy highly qualified hunters using modern bow and arrow equipment and firearms. Utilizing portable tree stands, hunting is performed in a safe elevated position shooting downward. Bow-hunters will shoot at an average range of 20 yards. An arrow, launched from a modern compound bow tipped with a razor sharp broad head can pass through a deer and bring a swift painless death. SWMM insurance provides liability coverage for each member hunter and host property owner.

SWMM was formed in conjunction with Howard County (Maryland) Department of Recreation and Parks to reduce deer overpopulation in several parks in the county. After three successful years of helping to manage these park areas without any accidents and making a positive impact on the herds in those parks we formed SWMM to expand our whitetail deer management tools. SWMM can serve Federal, State, County or Private Land Owners and managers. The SWMM membership is comprised of individuals who are ethical, law-abiding, civic-minded, and have a genuine concern for the burgeoning herds of whitetail deer in suburban areas. We have come together to help the public deal with the ever-increasing problem and out of concern for the future of our hunting heritage and the sport of hunting. Our leadership, support staff and field staff consist of serious, dependable, action-oriented individuals. Overall our membership consists of seasoned, mature, firearm and bow hunters as well as tournament archers.

For those who do not yet meet the minimum criteria for General (Hunting) Membership, can not hunt, or do not wish to participate in the hunting activities, but are supportive of our mission, we have Associate (Non-Hunting) Memberships available.


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